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How to PFB (personal finance blog) effectively?

June 24th, 2009 at 10:35 am

Writing a PF blog is hard! I can't always think of PF related topics to write about. I am afraid this is turning out to be a diary instead of a blog. Hopefully I can throw in some financial stuff here and there. I created this blog so that I can be accountable for myself financially and otherwise. So perhaps writing my daily musings will indeed help me keep myself in check?

Oh, I know what!! Here's something PF related that you guys will not be too happy about:
I haven't checked my 401K in a long while. Partly because I was scared, partly because I was finishing up my graduate school and got too busy. Also because I forgot my password and haven't bothered to do anything about it. Bad, bad, bad girl. I need to take care of this ASAP. Don't yell at me.

Yesterday I ran almost 3 miles, after which I had a dinner of organic pasta with fresh courgette, grape tomatoes, sweet peas and sauted shrimp. It took 10 minutes to make, and it was delicous. I like to buy these pre cooked frozen shrimp from TJ's, and mix it in with many of my dishes. I don't eat a lot of meat, but this is something I enjoy from time to time. Also, it's frozen, so I only take out what I need.

So for lunch today, it was pasta salad with above vegetables and tofu added in instead of the shrimp. I also sprinkled some Herbes De Provence on top. I like the flavor it gives. Yum! I also had a banana and an apple this morning. I like to buy mostly organic veggies and fruits, but it gets pricey. So I usually follow "what is worth spending $$ on and buying organic and what is not" rule. Apparently fruits and veggies with shells/peels/cover/extra layer on top that you discard (oh, it's called the skin!) is not worth buying Organic since they absorb less pesticides. Some exceptions are crucifers like broccoli and cauliflowers - which for some reason do not absorb much pesticides either.

Today I have a lot to do on my list, so I won't be running even though I would like to. Actually it's not that I would like to, it's that I have gotten into the habit of running so it feels awkward if I don't.

To do:

[ X ] Remember 401K password and see how it's doing (DONE! How easy was it once I made myself accountable for it? I had been putting it off for months! MONTHS!!)
[ X ] Organize paper works
[ X ] Laundry
[ X ] Return the under bed storage thingo I bought for winter clothes (It's not air tight)
[ X ] Plan lunch/snacks/before run snacks/after run dinner for tomorrow

3 Responses to “How to PFB (personal finance blog) effectively?”

  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    I don't see anything wrong with using a blog like a diary. Just a public one where other people can see what you are writing....

    Actually, that's what I do myself, because I too couldn't possibly think of financially related stuff all the time (although I do try to stay on topic).

    And come to think of it, just about everything else that touches our lives that we don't normally think it's money-related will almost always somehow be money-related.

    So... I say just use it as you see fit.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    There really is no right or wrong way to blog. I'm sure you'll do fine!

  3. milehighgal Says:

    I think the best blogs mix in personal tidbits and financial topics, so you're doing good!

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