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Used up my grocery budget until the 15th

July 10th, 2009 at 07:10 am

An Indian take out last night did me in. After my run, I really did not feel like cooking, or eating the same things I had. I had about $16 left until the 15th in my grocery budget. But my take out was $13. It made leftovers though and I will be having the remaining for dinner tonight. Still, I have no more money to spend on grocery until the 15th. Technically I do, but I want to see how will I manage without any grocery shopping until the 15th. I still have tofu, courgette, slices of red capsicum, milk, one egg, mushroom and plenty of dry supplies like rice and lentils. I still also have some Amy's frozen Indian dinners. So I should be okay. Even if I broke down and had to buy something, it will be things like ingredient items such as onions and tomatoes that I can buy one of each at the veggie stand. **Note to self: I should definitely buy some fruits. I will just have to float over $5 from some other category and buy these items.

In other notes, I ran yesterday at a pretty good pace and I am proud of it. But I do wish that I could keep that competitive side of me in check. I ran in a group and I was the 1st one to finish with the 2nd person tagging 2 seconds behind me, but I didn't really have to push myself to be the first one. As I was running, I was even telling myself "self, slow down, you do not need to win", but hearing the thumping of the feet strikes close behind me made me go faster. Hmmm.. does that say something about my personality??? I wish I could apply that in some other areas of my life instead where I could use a little bit of competitiveness.. Time for a self evaluation!

Grocery and a little bit of un-motivation

July 7th, 2009 at 01:49 pm

Uh I feel exactly that somehow - unmotivated. The whole tracking your money business sounds like and is kind of tedious. Why, I spent $26.85 on groceries yesterday and I spent about 10 minutes trying to remember one of the items I bought. (The receipt doesn't indicate the items, just the prices)
I went to a health store to buy my grocery and bought mostly organic stuff so it might seem a little steep.

For $26.85 dollars I got

1) 1 big courgette (zucchini)
2) Two handfuls of baby bella mushrooms
3) Organic frozen corn (Now that I think of it, I think corn is one of the things that you really do not need to buy organic)
4) Avocado (ditto as above)
5) Apples (better to buy organic coz of all the pesticides)
6) Tofu (It was cheaper at the healthfood store)
7) A red capsicum (better to buy organic)
8) A sesame noodle lunch pack (yum)
9) A box of chocolate chip cookies (They are little ones and I eat 3-4 a day with my afternoon tea)
10) Sleepy time tea (same price or lower than regular grocery)

I am planning on making this last a whole week. I have some stuff on the freezer already. I have milk and eggs. For some reason I can get the same brand of orgainc milk and eggs for almost 50% off at my health food store than at the regular grocery store, which turns out to be even cheaper than the regular milk and eggs! I wonder why? (touch wood so as not to jinx myself :P I plan on buying organic milk and eggs there)

If I buy anything, I will be buying some more fruits. Lets see if I can manage.

What constitutes a NSD?

June 23rd, 2009 at 01:59 pm

Does not spending any money apart from "reoccurring planned for" payments thwart a NSD?

For the record, I did NOT have a NSD. I was too tempted by a mini ice cream in my favorite flavor. So there goes $2.50 and a potential NSD.

I did pack my lunch to bring with me though, so that's good. And I am going running this evening so that will keep me away from the shops or any other potential NSD unfriendly places.


After reading the comments on this post, I have decided that NSD for me will comprise of days where I do not spend money on crap that I don't need. While it's true that there is really no "No Spend Day", I feel that we have control over at least what we spend on. Basic things in life like rent, electricity, food, of course we have no choice but to fork over money for, but we still have some choice over how we spend money on them. For example, you would not want to spend your money on junk food every single day, would you? Or spend exuberant amount of rent/mortgage on a building that is not built green, etc?