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I feel so blah today I don't know exactly why

July 1st, 2009 at 06:50 am

Uh. Exactly that.

Probably because I missed out on my run yesterday and instead had 2 leftover beers from the fridge. TWO, not one.

Probably because my place has a mind of it's own and starts to clutter itself no matter how much decluttering I try* to do.

Probably because it's been a little over a month since I got my master's degree and I haven't done anything productive since then.

Probably because work is boring.

Probably because I have been giving myself little treats* and telling myself I deserve it after almost 3 years of hard work at the university (while working full time).

Probably because now I am seeing how much I have spent on these treats.


4 Responses to “I feel so blah today I don't know exactly why”

  1. WealthyMe Says:

    I know that feeling, uh, bla and even ugh.
    This happens when you disconnect from yout higher power (be it God, the Universe or just life) and from your inner wisdom.

    I hear a lot of self-judgement, I'd say give it a shot at self-compassion and self-patience.

    It helps to start from a place of gratitude.
    Yes, there are some items you mention are not what you think they SHOULD be (judment, hint, hint)

    But, without knowing you I bet you have several of these: A rook over your head, food every day, dry clothes to wear, working eyes to see, working ears to hear, a live (you are alive)

    Start there, then you can start manifesting those changes you would like in your life. Room for improvement is cool, but start being happy now, with the life you have now and build from there.

    Cut yourself some slak, relax. Missed a run, had two beers, the police won't come to get you for that.

    ok, now, something else. If you have recurrent hicups, like in managing clutter, try to watch how is that clutter formed, Is it when you change clothes? What can you do to improve that event? In your own time. Visualize an organized closet, happening now, in the present time.

    This is as short of an answer I can give you.

    oh, and when we are low... not the best time to analyse our life...We are seeing everything through a very dark lense, not a fair assesment.

    ok, I'll shut up now

  2. six Says:

    Thanks WM! I will keep what you say in mind.

  3. Broken Arrow Says:

    Congrats! What degree did you get?

  4. baselle Says:

    Congratulations on getting your master's degree. I felt a little depression myself after getting my PhD - if you have been working hard on something for many years and months, its very natural to be at lost ends after you reached your goal. After all, if working on your degree is a job, you just got fired. Big Grin

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