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Adding up pennies and dollars

July 8th, 2009 at 08:14 pm

I have been getting a little frustrated as of late. I participate in a 401K plan, I do automatic savings, I try not to go overboard in my spending. The only areas where I seem to have any control over are flexible spending like grocery, miscellaneous purchases, lunch money etc.

And guess what? I feel like it's not making much of a difference. I know every little bit adds up, but perhaps I need to think big? Think about additional income? Do freelancing? If so, how? when? what?

These are the things that are bothering me. I guess what is also bothering me is that I need to pay 2K in credit card this month. I have not been carrying this balance so I will not be paying any interest if I pay it off this month, which I plan to. I had to buy a few plane tics and I also went a little crazy with buying after-graduation-treats for myself. But I plan to replenish this amount somehow. Selling my cds and books won't make much of a dent, so I will have to think of something else. Any ideas?

In other notes, I ran 3 miles yesterday and made myself a delicious veggie and tofu sautee (3 servings).
Running makes me want to eat healthy so as not to undo all that exercise, which also helps my pocket. So maybe I will meet the goal of loosing 5 pounds in July after all. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I think the most amount of weight I could loose is about 8 pounds. I plan to achieve that and maintain it.

Okay that's about it for today. I am off to bed. Good night!

1 Responses to “Adding up pennies and dollars”

  1. Radiance Says:

    I totally get what you say. I am about to cut cable and I hesitate in the back of my head about the $40 savings on that.

    I am looking forward renting a room to a friend who might be moving in October for $600. That makes a difference! However, because I am on the red, I decided to make any possible cuts until I am back in the blue.

    Now, It is interesting that you mention freelancing. This can be a very good opportunity for you.
    You ask what, when, how and it looks as if that frustrates you. That is the fun part, really!
    Look up freelancing sites, see what others are doing, and take your time.

    It you are really at a lost as to what to freelance on, besides looking at freelancing sites, look and determine what are you passionate about. Any interest can be made into a money maker.

    I am a business analyst as a profession/job. Do you know what I want to do "on the side"?
    Energy healing and children's health journaling! I am doing my due diligence; it is a 2-year project for me... And it took me 2 years before that to figure out what I am really into.

    Think outside the box, science, arts, business, anything! Explore all topics and start narrowing down.

    Two things I carry with me as I move forward - as I was told by freelancing veterans:

    - Don't let anything or anybody stop you. Even your most trusted friend or your mom. "If it was so easy everybody will do it" ... "Well, who said it is easy? It might not be, but I believe it to be worth it and I am going for it!"

    - Over 95% of people who fail at their freelancing projects fail because they don't go all the way, not because they really try and fail anyway.

    Some other things you are likely to hear

    - Treat it as a business, be serious (but have fun)
    - You need to be teachable or become teachable
    - You need to know yourself or learn about yourself
    - Don't expect to be making any serious money for the first 18-20 months. (if you do, that is great, but be aware you might not)

    Happy dream hunting!

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