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So tired

July 21st, 2009 at 08:09 pm

I am so tired. I have been running around since I came back home from work. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, running. Accck. Sometimes I just want to relax. I never seem to have time to do that. I don't know why. There is always something to be done. Right now it's 1 hr past the time I am supposed to *try* to be in bed by, and I am still waiting on my laundry, still fixing up some issues on my computer. Still wanting to mop down my kitchen. I just want to scream.
Sorry it's not PF related.

3 Responses to “So tired”

  1. thriftorama Says:

    I totally understand.

  2. lizajane Says:

    Yes, some days are like that, and it seems impossible to catch up. Hang in there!

  3. my english castle Says:

    So true. Get some sleep and things will be better in the morning.

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