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How I saved my sanity and $6.99

July 23rd, 2009 at 12:27 pm

So yesterday I swung by the drugstore so that I could pick up some mani/pedi stuff that I needed. I haven't gotten a professional mani/pedi in months and decided to give them to myself. Hence I needed to stock up on a few items that were running low. Well wouldn't you know it before long, the 5 minute stop turned out to be a one hour ordeal! I bought all the items needed, the cashier guy put them in my shop bag and I left. I used the store points card to save some money as well, and was very pleased with myself. While I waited for the train, I wanted to calculate how much money I saved, so I was looking at my receipt and that is when I realized I was missing an item!

So back to the store I went, and headed up to the same cashier guy. He looked all over the counter. I rechecked my bags. And it's nowhere to be found. He called upstairs for the camera guy to ask and watch the video of him putting my shop items in the bag and the camera guy is like yeah you put everything in bag. Now I am just thinking, I must be going crazy. There is no way for me to loose an item of shopping during the time it takes me to walk out of the store and getting on a train.. They said since the camera guy saw the cashier guy put the item in my bag, there is nothing they can do, sorry.

Humph! So, then I asked him is it possible for me to watch the video myself then? I had to at least make myself sure that I was not loosing my marbles. They said sure. So after waiting a few minutes I go up to the camera room (seriously someone gets paid to monitor the camera?). The guy rewinds the video to the time when I was at the check out counter. Lo and behold there is the cashier guy putting my lost item in a hanging plastic shipping bag on his left side. The rest of the stuff he puts in the canvas bag I ask him to put them in. And I leave the store taking just the canvas bag. The next customer after me obviously got the hanging plastic bag with his/her items and a surprise gift of "Orly Top2Bottom"!

They were very nice about it and replaced my "lost item". However it made me think:

#1: How could the camera guy have missed something that I catched within seconds? I mean, isn't it his job to pay attention to the tiniest details?
#2: Wow, I am good at this stuff of noticing very tiny details happening at a very small time frame.
#3: Perhaps a career change is in order??
#4: How glad I was that I asserted myself when I knew something like this must have happened and asked to watch the video myself and not just take their words for it.
#5: Situations like this can be handled amicably without using harsh words and anger. Like the way I did. Yey me!
#6:My nails will look so much better once I make some time to sit down and give myself the manicure that I more than deserve at this point.

Do you want to see what warranted all this part-time detective work? Why, it's only this tiny little bottle of this:

Isn't she pretty?

7 Responses to “How I saved my sanity and $6.99”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    LOL. Well, it was worth it to not feel like you were going crazy, huh? I'm impressed with your tenacity.

  2. liza Says:

    Good that you got your item back, And that you "caught " it, You mean ? "Catched"?

  3. M E 2 Says:

    :::sarcasm alert:::

    :::sarcasm alert:::

    Run Liza run!

    You are not supposed to correct the posters grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.

    C'mon now, this is a financial blog, not one dedicated to the English language. :::all of the above said with tongue firmly implanted in cheek:::

  4. lizajane Says:

    Good for you for pursuing it in a non-argumentative way. I probably would have given up and then gone home & lost sleep over what happened to it.

    P.S. "liza" above wasn't me!

  5. six Says:

    Forgive me for my apparent grammatical mistake. If I may say so, I do darn well for a non English speaker. Thanks for pointing out my mistake. I know it's "caught". I just happened to write "catched". And since I typed it in a text pad, it did not catch my error. Oh well. Not the end of the world.

  6. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Wow- good for you...caught, catched...no matter how you say it, you stuck to your guns and got what was rightfully yours. However, shame on the store for not giving it to you for free for your trouble and their mistake.

  7. six Says:

    You are right Thrifty. They should have! I should have asked for them to pay for the time I had to waste doing "their" job for them. Hrrrmph.. Thanks a lot CVS.

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